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ExoGAG - Exosome Purification Kit for Serum, Plasma and Urine

ExoGAG is a patented extracellular vesicles purification method that allows almost all EVs to be isolated from a liquid biopsy sample. After isolation, it allows the analysis of proteins (ELISA , protein arrays,) or genetic material (DNA, RNA or miRNA) contained in the EVs, by gPCR, ddPCR, BEAMing, sequencing, etc, which makes it an ideal product for the search of biomarkers.

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The synergies between two Galician companies create the perfect tandem: NEXOTECH

On the one hand, the knowledge in the clinical and oncological sector and the development of solutions focused on facilitating the daily tasks of professionals, and on the other hand, the experience in the manufacture and marketing of this type of product.

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